Find Your Part in Gods Kingdom

Get Ready to grow and develop in leadership and reach this generation with the message of jesus. This internship involves teaching sessions and practical ministry opportunities such as

• Street outreach with the Coffee Van                                                                                  • Primary School and High School Religious Education Programs                                            • Park Outreach                                                                                                                • Beach Sports Outreach                                                                                                    • Feeding Programs and much more!

 The internship runs in 3, 6 or 12 month slots and there are 4 intakes a year in March, June, September and December. Through these practical opportunities, we will equip you to lead and organise outreach programs and events to reach people who don't yet know Jesus. You will also be part of the YWAM base operations, learning the logistical, administrative and support roles.

Internship Overview

3 Month Internship:

The 3 month Internship is one quarter of the 12 month Internship. Depending on when you decide come will determine what ministry opportunities and training you will be presented with.

Throughout the year there is different events that are happening with school programs and city outreaches. Should you want more information on a particular time of the year please inquire within and we can give you updated information on what is happening on the Gold Coast.

6 Month Internship (DTS already completed):

The 6 month Internship is 2 quarters of the 12 month Internship. Depending on which intake you come in on will define what ministry opportunities and training you will be presented with. You need to have already completed a DTS in order to apply for this Internship.

12 Month Internship: (DTS already completed):

The training involved is both teaching sessions with primarily practical ministry opportunities. Teaching focuses on developing you and your relationship with God and will include such topics as Leadership, Evangelism, and Communication. Ministry opportunities will include: Street outreach with the Coffee Van, Primary School and High School Religious Education Programs, Park Outreach, Beach Sports Outreach, Feeding Programs, and much more.

12 Month Internship: (including DTS):

The 12 month Internship including DTS is made up of a 6 month DTS and a 6 month Internship. For more information on what a DTS is, click on DTS link above.






YWAM Gold Coast enjoys a location of one of the top destinations on the planet. Every year millions of tourists from around the world come to enjoy the beaches and surf of Queensland Australia and YWAM uses this as an opportunity to tell the nations about Jesus. The YWAM centre is in Ashmore, a 10 minute drive from Surfers Paradise which is the focus for most of our local evangelism.

We are a 30 minute drive from 'Coolangatta' Gold Coast Airport and 60 minutes from Brisbane Airport. We can organize collection from the airport and fees apply ($AUD35 Coolangata, $AUD45 Brisbane). Please contact the registrar in advance.

Experiencing Australia
You will have ample opportunity to explore Australia while you are here. Students have taken advantage of cheap flights to Sydney and other
destinations during the school. There will be free time at weekends to go to wildlife parks and the beach. There will also be a camping trip and the opportunity to go 'walk about' in the Australian Outback visiting aboriginal communities. And yes, you will probably get to see some kangaroos!

As one of the worlds most popular tourist destinations the Gold Coast boasts a wide selection of attractions other than its beaches. Theme parks like Dream world and Movie World, Sea World and Wet N Wild water parks. Due to the climate there are tropical rainforests within driving distance with hiking tracks. You can explore some of Australia's weird and wonderful wildlife at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Creepy crawlies
Whilst Australia does boast some of the most poisonous spiders and snakes in the world, we rarely ever get to see them in built up areas - so don't worry.

Be prepared for extreme heat and wear lots of protection. It can also get pretty cold too so you will need a mixture of clothes.

Unless you hold an Australian passport or have residency you will need to apply for a student visa. We will talk you through that process after you have successfully completed your application form and been accepted.

Non-English speakers
We do accept students who do not speak English as their first language. You will have to demonstrate your English proficiency so that we are confident you will be able to understand the teaching you will be receiving in the school. You need to prove one of the following
a) you have had 3 years of study conducted predominantly in English
b) you have had 3 years of studying English as a foreign language with a pass rate of at least 80%
c) independent testing with a minimum level at or equivalent to : TOEFL: 5.5 or IELTS: 4.5

When does it start?

We run our Internship in 4 quarters, the dates are below.

March, June, September, December

What does it cost?

The below costs will take care of housing, food, transportation and any ministry cost involved in outreaches. The below costs will not take care of toiletries, snacks, visa expenses etc.
3 month internship - $2100
6 month internship - $4200
12 month internship(excluding DTS) - $8400
12 month internship (including DTS lecture phase) $8450 + (Outreach fees for DTS)