Aletheia - School of the Worshipper


Aletheia means:  genuine, authentic, real, "what you see is what you get".  Jesus uses this word to describe how we should worship the Father in John 4:23. 

The vision of Aletheia is to raise a people who will worship God genuinely and passionately.  Some of us have lost what it means to truly worship.  Our desire is to see a generation reestablish what an intimate relationship with God looks like.  We provide a raw, honest, and safe environment to learn in. During this 1 year course you will complete the Music and Creative Arts DTS followed by the School of Worship. Our dream is to see the Worshipper mature in their walk with Jesus as well as find their unique calling and ultimately be released into their destiny bringing glory to Him every step of the way.

The Purpose

  • To nourish and strengthen your relationship with God.
  • To empower and equip the Worshipper to lead others not only with skill but with heart.
  • To harness your giftings for the glory of God.
  • To change the nations with praise, thanksgiving and worship.
  • To see the lost be found in the One we worship.
  • For more information of the Music and Creative Arts DTS click here 
  • For more informations on the School of Worship please click here

When does it start?

September 15th 2015 - Aug 26th 2016 (including a 2 week break).

What does it cost?

Lecture Phases in total $8000 and Outreach Phases in total $6000-$8000