Preparing to come

What to Bring

Remember all of this can easily be bought here if you don't want to carry it in your luggage.
• Hiking Back Pack
• Small day pack bag (for class and day trips on outreach)
• English bible, pen and notebook
• Journal
• Personal toiletries
• Sleeping bag (above zero degrees Celsius sufficient)/
• Sheets (at least two sheets are required) & pillowcase (Can be bought fairly cheaply within Australia)
• Towel and beach towel
• Flashlight (torch)
• Sun block/ sun screen
• Camera
• Ipod
• Rain Jacket
• Shaver
• Travel alarm clock
• International plug adaptor

See 'Outreach' tab for Outreach packing list.
Please note: Valuable items (eg ipods, video camera, jewelry etc.) should be brought at your own risk.


Please plan to arrive no earlier than two (2) days before the school commences. If it is not possible for you to arrive within the two days prior to course commencement, please notify us so that an attempt to arrange for accommodation can be made in advance. Please understand that due to other events and training courses, advance accommodation may not be available for you.


As an International Student, you are required to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of your student visa in Australia (we will assist you in obtaining this once your application form has been processed). OSHC will help you pay for medical and hospital care while studying in Australia. Students applying for a student visa who are citizens of Sweden, Norway, Australia and New Zealand do not need to pay for health insurance. See the DIAC website ( for further information about student health cover as a condition for obtaining a Student Visa.
We suggest that you still take out some form of travel insurance to cover your flights, luggage, etc when travelling to and from Australia. The OSHC covers medical expenses while in Australia, and YWAM has an 'outreach phase' insurance which will be included in your outreach fees.

Airport pickups:

There will be a friendly YWAM staff member waiting for you at the airport holding a YWAM Gold Coast sign.

Departure Details:

Before booking your return flight please check your dates as all students are expected to attend graduation at the end of the school.


Your passport must have an expiry date six (6) months beyond your expected date of return to your home country.

Raising Finance

Raising finances does not have to be the daunting task that it first appears. Being involved in ministry is a partnership between you and those who are sending you out. For more advice on this please contact the registrar or click here for more information.


Luggage storage

Luggage and storage are limited. Accommodation is dormitory style so we recommend you only bring what you are able to carry at one time. A simple carry on and one suitcase.

Accomodation during the school

Due to the live-learn philosophy of YWAM’s training, all students are required to be resident for the duration of the course. For families wishing to apply, please contact us for further information on facilities available for families, educational institutions for school-aged dependents, child care, and additional living costs. Please note: due to the limited accommodation available we may need to make alternative recommendations for you to undertake the course.


Overseas students please note that voltage for electrical appliances is 240 AC current. Therefore, you will need a converter if you bring electrical appliances e.g. hair dryers etc.


If you are from overseas, it may be difficult to find the same medication as the one you already have. To save this hassle, bring what you need for the full 6 months. Ask your doctor to write you a letter authourising the medication to you, and for what purpose. If you are caught with drugs in some countries in Asia – the death penalty applies! Other general medical aids can be obtained on the Gold Coast as you need them.