YWAM Gold Coast has many different areas of helps that we engage our staff and students into on a regular basis. The goal is to see effected change happening in the Gold Coast, and to see individual people feel valued and cared for by our ministries. We want people to know that God cares about them and has an amazing plan for their life!



Schoolies outreach on the Gold Coast is similar to Spring break in the United States. After graduation, the year twelve students from around Australia celebrate the completion of their high school years on the Gold Coast. The Coast is packed with approximately 40,000 young and exuberant 17 and 18 year olds for a period of two weeks.

The down side of this celebration is the misuse of drugs, alcohol and excessive partying. Due to the abuse of drugs and alcohol, girls and guys are often taken advantage of by their peers, as well as by older predators.

This could be very depressing if we were to stop here, BUT during this time we as Christians can make a difference and be a helping hand and a listening ear.

Contact us if you require more information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Local Park Outreach

Once a month, we impact local communities by bringing free entertainment to parks in the Gold Coast. Often there are families and young people spending time in the parks and we use these opportunities to show love to our neighbours by offering free live music, free face-painting, kid's games and free drinks!

We have found that our park outreaches help us to know our city – the people as well as the needs in each community of the Gold Coast. They also give us a platform to be a great example of God to our city, as we have had countless opportunities to help people and pray with them for break through in their family lives and work life.

Christmas Carols

As tradition, YWAM helps put on a Christmas Carol night for the community. Our involvement in this event allows us to work with the local council and other organizations in delivering an incredible evening of song and dance while sharing about the real reason for the season to over 500 people. It’s a lot of work, but well worth it to show the community that we care and give them a night to remember.

What is the “Coffee Van” Ministry?

The heart of the Coffee Van is to bless our community in a very practical way by handing out free coffee, tea, Milo, and food items. This is our way of showing the community that we care and value them on a personal level. Coffee Van also gives us the opportunity to care for the poor and needy on the streets. Many who wander by our Coffee Van just need someone to talk to. We are there for people from all walks of life to offer prayer, a listening ear, and an encouraging word. As many people return each week, we begin to develop relationships and have the chance to minister in new, relevant, and individual ways to each of them.

Schools/Kids Programs

One of the amazing opportunities YWAM Gold Coast gets to be involved in is working with kids in schools. At present, we minister up to 300 kids per week teaching Religious Education classes and running Kids Club programs in primary schools. It is an incredible privilege to pour Biblical truth, love, and a positive influence on so many children throughout the year. On top of that, we have a great time playing games and building friendships with the students!