Thursday, 02 October 2014 06:26

Testimonies and a Homeless Feeding Program

Every Thursday YWAM Gold Coast is a part of a homeless feeding program, Set Free Care. We partner with the a local Church called Set Free who runs the program. We meet with other volunteers early for a devotion and prayer before everyone arrives. We serve in multiple areas such as serving food, sitting and evangelizing and also sharing testimonies. Last week one of our September DTS students, Colette had the opportunity to share her story and encourage everyone who came for a free meal. This ministry is a such a great partnership for us to help out the local community, share the gospel and also give a platform for our DTS students to practice public speaking and sharing Jesus before they go to outreach.

If you are interested in being a part of Set Free Care please get in touch with Malcolm Kennedy at

To learn more about YWAM Gold Coast or interested in doing a DTS visit our website.


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Tuesday, 09 September 2014 06:34

DTS Student Testimony (Video)

Here is an awesome video testimony from one of our July Beach 2 Billabong DTS students, Tahira from Mauritius!


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Tuesday, 19 August 2014 04:02

DTS Beach 2 Billabong Promo!

Here is our July Beach 2 Billabong DTS promo video!


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A testimony from our DTS student Julia, about her time in Brazil.

"On outreach we went to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and our team stayed in a slum. In the slums it is very dangerous, and we were warned not to go into a stranger’s house. During one of our ministry times Sarah (my outreach leader) and I went on a prayer walk. All of a sudden a man came rushing to us. He asked for us to go to his house and pray for his wife’s sister who had a severe case of diabetes. She had lost half of her left foot and could no longer walk or see. We decided to go to his house and pray for his wife’s sister. We prayed for the woman for over an hour and believed that God would preform a miracle on her! We felt like God told us to lay our hands on her eyes, and when we did she began to see! She started to describe the clothes that people were wearing in the room and we knew that God had brought back her sight. Then we laid our hands on the woman’s feet and prayed that she would be able to walk again. We prayed that we wouldn’t leave that place until we saw God fully heal her. Right after that, she stood up and started walking around the room! We all praised God for this incredible miracle and wept with joy. God cares so much for everybody in this world and it was a privilege witnessing something so amazing and beautiful."

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Monday, 16 June 2014 03:10

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If you haven't had a chance go sign up for YWAM Gold Coast Newsletter! A great way to hear about all the exciting things happening at our base. We want to keep all of our supporters, past students/staff and future students/staff  informed on the amazing things God is doing in this place. If you would like to subscribe to this newsletter please visit the home page of our website at and scroll down and click “sign up for our Newsletter” (please refer to the picture). 

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